Not enough time

How can you have enough time? It seems like it will never be time enough. Only 24 hours a day and you even have to sleep also during those hours. So what does God say about spending our time? He created you and made you in this way; that you needed to sleep maybe 7-8 hours a night. God is not in a hurry. The bible says that what you sow is what you will reap. When you have been sowing something it will always take some time for it to grow. What better thing can you sow in your life than what the bible tells you to sow. Read Isaiah 58:6-11 and see which blessings from God you will receive when you give time and help to those who are weary. Look at Mary the sister of Martha, she was sitting down at the Lord’s feet listening to His message (Luke 10:39-42). We spend so much time in front of a screen. Try spend some time with God. Why not try by giving Him 10% and see what He will do. He challenge you!